In order for faculty and staff to share information regarding students’ academic standing with a designated party, they must fill out the University’s FERPA release form.

The Record Release to Parent/Guardian link resides under the Academic and Student Services folder located on the Student tab of myBama. Once in myBama, the link can be found under the following: Academic and Student Services -> Academic Records and Curriculum -> Record Release to Parent/Guardian (FERPA). 

Students may only designate FERPA access to those individuals that are also listed as Emergency Contacts, which they may also enter through their myBama account under Academic and Student Services -> Personal Information -> Update Personal Information -> Emergency Contacts. It is recommended that students also verify that the Emergency Contacts information on file with UA is current and includes all individuals that need to be listed.

Having a FERPA release on file is extremely helpful in case of emergency. It is recommended that all students fill this out.