The following guidelines were recommended by the Council of Assistant and Associate Deans (CAAD) on April 28, 2022.

Students who are required to participate in weekly or monthly meetings, weekend drills, annual trainings, military schooling, other military training or an official military event as a member of the National Guard, Reserves, or as a member of the Inactive Ready Reserve, will be excused from class.

Students who are actively participating in the United States Military Reserve or National Guard are required to provide each faculty member a copy of their Reserve and/or National Guard schedule during the first week of class each semester. In the event that the student must perform duties outside of this schedule, the student must provide to each faculty member, a copy of his/her military orders or a signed memorandum from his/her Unit Commander/Administrative NCO (Non-commissioned Officer) containing the required dates of service. Orders or signed memorandums should be provided to the faculty member as soon as the military member is notified of the service requirement.

The student is required to contact each faculty member about making up missed work. The faculty member is responsible for giving the student a reasonable extension for making up missed work. Due to the complexities of the required drill/training schedule, sometimes it is necessary that students travel outside the military orders or drill schedule dates in order to report to the training site. In these cases, faculty should be flexible and work with the student to come to an agreement that is fair to both the student and the faculty member. It is recommended that no less than 3 business days be the standard extension for missed work.

For questions, concerns or verification pertaining to Drill Schedules, Military Orders, or any unit correspondence please contact the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs to handle all communications between UA and the Point of Contact for the Military Member.